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M|M Certified Pre Owned

150+ Point Inspection

Performed by our regularly trained, highly skilled and experienced dealer technicians. The vehicle inspection starts with our On Board Diagnostic tools which are designed to check for faults or other concerns that would disqualify vehicles from passing our safety inspection. Next stop is the exterior, making certain that the vehicle structure and appearance are up to Makes & Models standards. The inspection continues into the interior with a full review of all factory installed or aftermarket equipment as well as finishes, seat belts, safety equipment, flooring and more.

Next, the inner workings of each vehicle are evaluated. Components like the electrical systems, engine, fluids and transmission are thoroughly checked. Our team ensures that the tires and brakes are Makes & Models safety approved or make recommendations for repair or replacement. We also check for open recall campaigns and regular maintenance intervals. Oil changes are performed in advance when required otherwise fresh oil changes can be performed before delivery at buyers expense.

Service recommendations are made available prior to purchase. Please ask your Sales Representative for a copy of the Pre Purchase Inspection Report.

Although our technicians enjoy what they do, the road test we think they enjoy the most. Being respectful of the local laws, the best way to judge a vehicle is to drive it yourself. Here at Makes & Models our dealer technicians evaluate the performance of the steering, brakes, suspension, drive shaft and over all ride quality. Even the noise and vibration levels are monitored to make sure that the experience behind the wheel is smooth, quiet and exactly what you’d expect.

Come and see for yourself why so many others choose Makes & Models for their Buying & Servicing needs and thank you for your support of our smaller local automotive business.

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