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Leasing at Makes & Models

Consider Leasing Option:

  • Our Simple Lease is not a closed-end lease. It’s an open agreement that provides flexible options over the course of the lease.
  • Early termination is easy. Pay the principal balance owed plus any fees.
  • Payoff is based on a simple interest amortization formula.
  • You can switch vehicles at any time during the lease term. Pay the difference between the cars plus fees. Your original lease term remains in place.
  • There are tax benefits. A business (even unincorporated) can make lease payments using pre tax dollars.
  • We can lease any car, regardless of it’s age, that costs over $75.000.
  • We can even lease you back your own car if you own it and want to use the cash for something else.
  • You avoid mileage charges. When the lease is satisfied by a purchase, trade or sale, excess mileage charges wont apply.
  • You can sell your car privately. When the lease is paid off, you keep any profit.
  • You can trade your car to a dealer. The dealer will satisfy the payoff, and you can keep any profit.
  • You can re-lease your car. Either during or at the end of your lease.
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