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No Stress Pricing Policy

No Stress Pricing

At Makes & Models we understand the stressful process that you go through when buying vehicles in the current market climate. Over half of the customer in the market spend endless hours gathering information from the internet.

"The main focus is “Am I getting a fair deal?”

At Makes & Models, we take the stress out of the buying process. Every one of our vehicles is priced competitively within our local market.

How does this market-based philosophy work?

  • We actively review and adjust our vehicle prices to be consistent with dealerships in our market.
  • Everyday our vehicle prices are compared to comparable vehicles that are offered for sale on the internet.
  • Management reviews Cars.com, Autotrader.com, Cargurus.com, for comparable vehicles.
  • Everyday our entire sales team review preowned vehicles for QUALITY as welll as FAIR PRICING so that we not only offer you our “Best Pricing for the Best Product” at all times.
  • You are able to review along with us during the sales process.
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